Principle Expectations:

These expectations will outline the main core values all participants should uphold.

-      Integrity: Be honest with your team and yourself. If you see someone cheating the system, breaking rules laid out for the event or not upholding the code of conduct, don’t keep it to yourself. Also, stand up for others, especially if they are not being treated fairly or with respect.

-       Respect: Be respectful when differences arise among members of your team. Understand that you might not always agree with your teammates on everything and understand other’s points of view when an issue arises. The beauty of teamwork comes from learning new ideas and perspectives from new individuals.

-      Inclusivity: Everyone has a right to participate in events. Make sure that everyone you work with feels included, appreciated and valued.

-      Commitment: When you sign up for an event, do what you can to make sure prior to the commitment you have the time do participate to its full extent. If a cancellation is needed, it’s always better to reach out in advance than simply leave your group wondering where you are on the day of the event.

-       Teamwork: Make sure that when working as a team, you respect and adapt to the strategies and ideas of your team to make sure nobody is feeling left-out.



Discriminating against your teammates is strictly prohibited not only by Hack your Learning, but among many grounds where it is prohibited by law. Discrimination on the basis of any of the below grounds is strictly prohibited at any Hack your Learning event, from the Alberta Human Rights Commission:

  • Age
  • Citizenship status
  • Gender identity and Gender expression
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability
  • Ethnic Orientation
  • Race and Colour
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Family Status
  • Religious beliefs


General Expectations for all participants:

  • Work with your team members and be respectful of their personal ideas and level of knowledge. Work together rather than against each other.
  • Communicate with your team as well as the hackathon organizers and judges in a respectful manner. Be clear and courteous in your communication, and patient with others.
  • Introduce an honest and unbiased workspace for you and your team. Make sure that all group members feel comfortable speaking up and speak up for your own ideas as well. If you see any form of bias or discrimination, report it immediately. 
  • Support diversity and inclusion. Use appropriate non-discriminatory language with others, and do not stereotype or generalize your peers in any way.  Make sure that everyone feels included and values within a team. 
  • Discriminate others on any grounds, including the ones specified above. Any derogatory comments, actions as well as unwanted advances will lead to disciplinary action as needed. Treat all people as equals to yourself – as that is what they are.
  • Under no circumstances is obtaining code from the internet, another team or any other external source and posing it as your own allowed. Misconduct in the form of plagiarism will not be tolerated in any Hack Your Learning events. If portions of code have been taking from an external source, you must properly cite the original source. Otherwise, all code submitted must be your team’s own intellectual property.
  • Sharing of media that is lewd or sexually explicit will not be allowed on any Hack your Learning platforms.
  • All members participating in events must treat other participants as well as mentors and organizers with respect. Harassment including racist, sexist and/or any remarks intended to make others feel excluded are not acceptable, and you will be asked to leave if this is to happen. 


Potential Disciplinary Action:

  • A warning given by a Hack your Learning organizer or mentor.
  • Being asked to leave the Hack your Learning event immediately.
  • A ban imposed from further Hack Your Learning events.